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A complete overview

Your employees will always have a clear overview of all their tasks. And thanks to the self-service solutions available in the platform, employers can spend more time onboarding new employees to their new job, and less time answering their relocation questions.

Your employee’s personalised relocation journey


With clear tasks, we make sure your employees always know what to do next and what still lies ahead.
This way they'll be focused on their new job at your company and not on finding out what they need to do next.

Quality Service providers

Connect with expert support

Thanks to our partnerships with reputable Swiss service provider, your employees will find a variety of services for a truly hassle-free relocation and a great stay in Switzerland.
If your employees need support, they’ll find expert guidance and vetted service providers, no matter the topic.
Alternatively, if your employees prefer to handle things by themselves, they can use the free collection of expert guides and videos to find their way by themselves.

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360° View

Everything is organized and planned in one place. No need to browse hundreds of websites to find the right info.

A path made for your employee

The clear task view makes sure your employees manage all steps in a timely order, with no gaps in their journey or their compliance.

Always on your side

Your employees can choose to do things on their own, or book expert support for any topic. We're there for them!


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Such a solution would have simplified my life enormously. Unfortunately, my employer also only had limited experience with international relocations, so everyone was quite overwhelmed with the situation.


Expat from Lancaster, England & Pilot user of the digital relocation platform

It's super easy to use. I love the design.


Expat from Madison, Wisconsin & Pilot user of the digital relocation platform

Our partners

We connect our community to the right contacts at the best service providers.
We work with recognised and high-quality service providers who are specialized in the needs of international professionals.


What is Hello Switzerland?


Hello Switzerland is a free guidance service specialised in helping international newcomers to arrive well and livewell in Switzerland. Our brand new online-based relocation tool is our latest creation and our big news of 2020.In simple terms, Hello Switzerland is your personal assistant who supports you in all important aspects of your personal relocation journey to Switzerland, as well as throughout the entire time you reside here.The relocation to a foreign country is a very important and unique step in your life, so the many tasks you will have to face can quickly become overwhelming.Thanks to Hello Switzerland you will always know what to do next and how to do it. If you need additional help, our experts are always there for you! We were founded as Hello Basel back in 1995 and have been supporting Switzerland’s international community ever since.

How does Hello Switzerland work?


With Hello Switzerland you get a personalised timeline that takes you step by step closer to your goal. From clarifying whether you need a visa to finding an apartment or the right insurance. You will find information and concrete instructions on Hello Switzerland on all relevant points.

Who is Hello Switzerland for?


Hello Switzerland is for all people who want to move to Switzerland, as well as international people residing in Switzerland.

I’m an employer. What services can my employees get from Hello Switzerland?


Your employees can use Hello Switzerland to manage all steps of their relocation to anywhere in Switzerland. Because your employees are taking care of themselves using Hello Switzerland’s resources, the time you spend with your employees will be focused on their new job, not on helping them to get here.Besides extensive free advice from subject matter experts, a wide range of service solutions are available to your employees on-demand, meaning peace of mind for you that your employees are in good hands

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